Monarch Sanitary Ware

Top 10 bathroom brands focus on quality and service
Company Strength 300,000+ m2 industrial area. More than 1500 exclusive shops and after-sales outlets all over the world.
Quality Assurance Established a complete quality control standard system. Obtained international certifications such as IS09001, IS014000, and so on.
After-sales Service Customer-first, free five-year warranty throughout the world. Global 24-hour response.
Founded in 1994, Monarch Sanitary Ware is an enterprise focusing on the production of high-quality sanitary ware, and the brand is well known both at home and abroad. Our products cover bathroom cabinets, toilets, bathtubs, showers, shower rooms, faucets and other sanitary products. Monarch Sanitary Ware is committed to be the most knowledgeable bathroom expert, providing consumers with total space solutions to create a more neat, comfortable, beautiful and enjoyable bathroom space. View All >
Monarch Sanitary Ware is China’s first comprehensive sanitary ware enterprise listing in the A-stock market. With high-quality projects and partners in Asia, Europe, and the United States, Monarch Sanitary Ware is trustworthy, and we will provide perfect protection for your products. View All >
DESIGN CONCEPT Focusing on intelligence, adhering to the product development concept of "design + technology, creating high-quality bathroom", we are committed to making great breakthroughs in process technology and material applications, so as to bring more high-quality products to the lives of customers around the world
Monarch Sanitary Ware, as always, upholds the spirit of ingenuity, provides consumers at home and abroad with higher-quality products and services, and strives to build a brand that is loved and respected by consumers. Read More    >
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