Monarch Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd.

Monarch Sanitary Ware

Top 10 bathroom brands focus on quality and service
Company Strength 300,000+ square meters industrial area. More than 1,500 specialty stores and after-sales outlets worldwide.
Quality Assurance Established a complete quality control standard system. Obtained international certifications such as IS09001, IS014000, Watermark, CE, UPC, SAA and so on.
Service Monarch offers onestop service from design to sales, along with a reasonable price and effective quality control.

Well-trained and experienced R&D team

Strict and efficient production management

Engineer has 26 years of industry experience

Provide OEM and ODM services

Reasonable price and controllable quality

Perfect after-sales system

24 hours online customer service

Technology and Advantages

· Six times longer life

· Independently CASS tested

· 2-year warranty¹

· 5mm environmental silver mirror, lead and copper-free, anti-corrosion, shatter-proof mirror treatment

· IP66 rating

· LED : Waterproof High output 2835 LEDs, CRI>80, 3000K to 6000K available

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Monarch Sanitary Ware is China’s first comprehensive sanitary ware enterprise listing in the A-stock market. With high-quality projects and partners in Asia, Europe, and the United States, Monarch Sanitary Ware is trustworthy, and we will provide perfect protection for your products. View All >
DESIGN CONCEPT Focusing on intelligence, adhering to the product development concept of "design + technology, creating high-quality bathroom", we are committed to making great breakthroughs in process technology and material applications, so as to bring more high-quality products to the lives of customers around the world
Monarch Sanitary Ware, as always, upholds the spirit of ingenuity, provides consumers at home and abroad with higher-quality products and services, and strives to build a brand that is loved and respected by consumers. Read More    >
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