6 Smart Mirrors with the Best Design Sense in 2022 [Whether smart mirrors work well]
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6 Smart Mirrors with the Best Design Sense in 2022 [Whether smart mirrors work well]

6 Smart Mirrors with the Best Design Sense in 2022 [Whether smart mirrors work well]
"With copper as a mirror, you can straighten your clothes; with history as a mirror, you can know the rise and fall; and with people as a mirror, you can understand gains and losses."


It is often said that a good mood for a day starts with a smile every day by looking in the mirror.
Now that the mirror has become a necessity in everyone and every family, we clean up our appearance and posture by looking in the mirror every day.
But often the convenience of life brought by a smart mirror is beyond your imagination, and at the same time they make your life happiness index higher.
In recent years, the function of bathroom mirrors has also been continuously improved, and its design sense has also received more and more attention. From smart dimming settings, to Bluetooth connection, water mist removal...
This product would be useful for busy individuals that want to multitask and stay informed while on the go.

1. The style of bathroom mirror

----Make-up mirror:
Makeup mirror
Sometimes it will also be used as a makeup mirror alone as a whole, exquisite and practical.
----Wall bathroom mirror
bath mirror
The most common is the bath mirror that directly sticks to the wall and can reflect the half of the body.
If distinguished from the material, bathroom mirrors are divided into aluminum mirrors and silver mirrors. The aluminum mirror is made by spraying a layer of aluminum element on the glass and then coating it with waterproof paint. The silver mirror is made by spraying the silver element formed by the reduction of silver ions on the glass, and then coating it with waterproof paint. The price of silver mirrors is relatively high.

2.The function of bathroom mirror

The price of smart bathroom mirrors generally ranges from $50 to $300, and the comfort and beauty it brings often makes people feel that they are excellent value for money. Under normal circumstances, we can call mirrors with LED lights and touch screen functions as smart bathroom mirrors, but in fact, its intelligence is more than that. Let's talk about the functions of smart mirrors below.
Anti-fog and defogging
After taking a comfortable hot bath, the mirror has become blurred... Many people often have this uncomfortable experience. Smart bathroom mirrors have solved this trouble. At present, coating anti-fogging or electricity is used in the market. Heating anti-fog. The former is coated with chemicals in the plastic for anti-fogging function, while the latter is made of glass, which has anti-fogging function by electrically heating the glass.
Smart sensor
When people come, they turn on, and people walk away. Smart mirrors equipped with microwave radar can quickly sense people, and then intelligently switch the lights of the mirror, saving energy and energy.
Informatization bonus
The smart bathroom mirror can display real-time messages such as time, date, weather, indoor and outdoor temperature.
Entertainment function
The intelligence of the smart bathroom mirror is also reflected in the fact that it can connect to the Internet to listen to songs online, touch the screen to view news, reply to information, etc. It can also realize the caller ID, which allows us to enjoy the comfort of the bath without missing important calls.
Water proof
Friends who see here may be worried that it will leak electricity in case of water, but everyone can rest assured that the smart bathroom mirror also has a waterproof function, so it is very safe.
Color adjustment

Freely adjust the light of various colors to create a favorite bathroom atmosphere.

3.How to choose and maintain bathroom mirrors

Small bathroom mirrors are also very sophisticated. In this part, I will teach you how to buy a good quality bathroom mirror from many aspects. At the same time, the service life of bathroom mirrors is also related to people's daily maintenance. Here are some small maintenance methods to share with you.

The appearance of the mirror
The appearance of a mirror is the direct impression a product brings to people. Everyone has their own standards in terms of aesthetics, but today I want to teach everyone to judge the quality of mirrors by appearance: Observe the mirror from the front, side and back. A good mirror should not show defects such as crush points, stains, debris, defects, bubbles, etc. In addition, it is necessary to choose explosion-proof lenses.
The edge of the mirror should be passivated to avoid scratches.
After using the mirror for a long time, black spots are likely to appear. When cleaning the bathroom mirror, you can first apply toothpaste or shower gel with a dry cloth, then wipe the bathroom mirror evenly, and finally clean it with a damp cloth. This not only has the effect of cleaning the bathroom mirror, but also can form a protective film on the mirror surface, which is not easy to get dirty.
Mirror size and installation method
The size of the bathroom mirror should be coordinated with the overall size of the bathroom. A large bathroom mirror can make the whole space look more spacious. It is recommended to choose a width of about 1.2 meters. The thickness of the bathroom mirror is positively related to the price. It is recommended to buy a bathroom mirror of about 8mm. If it is too thin, it will easily cause the mirror to break.
Bathroom mirrors can be installed on the wall or by sponge glue. Wall-mounted installation is suitable for ordinary walls, gray walls, and uneven walls. Adhesive installation is suitable for smooth marble, ceramic tile, metal, wardrobe and other walls.
Imaging effect
A mirror with a good imaging effect will not appear to be distorted or deformed. When checking the quality of a mirror, you can slightly move the things in front of the mirror to observe whether it is deformed, or observe its imaging condition by moving the line of sight.
Function selection
Choose the function of the bathroom mirror according to your own life preferences and habits. In satisfying your own aesthetic needs, you can better meet your daily household needs. The smart bathroom mirrors on the market have master functions, but many have only one or two smart functions. If you buy a bathroom mirror with LED function, you can turn on the light for several hours a day, and it can dehumidify by converting electrical energy into light energy and heat energy.
Mirror material
The reflectivity of the silver mirror is higher than that of the aluminum mirror, so under the same intensity of light, the silver mirror will appear brighter. The corresponding price will be more expensive, silver mirrors are about 300 yuan/square meter, and aluminum mirrors are about 150 yuan/square meter.
It is recommended to choose the material you want based on your budget and requirements for the mirror surface. The mirror should not be in contact with salt, oil or acid, especially when making-up, be careful not to let the cosmetics touch the mirror, otherwise it will corrode the mirror surface.

Although the bathroom is small, it is closely related to our daily life, so it is worthwhile to spend more thought on choosing the style of bathroom mirror. The style of bathroom mirrors should match the decoration style of the entire bathroom, such as rectangular mirrors with marble countertops, bronze mirrors with accessories of the same color series, and so on.


  1. Bathroom mirror product recommendation
This part recommends some very cost-effective bathroom mirror models.
Ordinary bathroom mirror
Start with the simplest ordinary mirror. This minimalist mirror has been very popular in recent years. Its price (less than $30), this mirror with a metal frame texture makes it quite popular. The glass uses three-layer silver plating to ensure that the image is not deformed or distorted under the condition of high reflectivity, and the appearance is simple and atmospheric, suitable for versatile decoration styles.

LED illuminated bathroom mirror

The price is less than $100, this smart mirror is a little bit smart. It supports 6000K white light, 4000K neutral light, 3000K warm light stepless dimming, and adjust the lighting atmosphere to meet your own preferences. In addition, its button design can also be hidden.

Touch Switch Bathroom Mirror

For only $150, you can get some extra features from this horizontal dresser touch switch bathroom mirror. The backlit bathroom mirrors include dimmable LED lights and defoggers. The small screen below will display the weather of the day, including temperature, humidity, etc., all thanks to the WiFi function of the mirror. It will also display the time and date. Turning on the light or screen of the mirror is as easy as tapping the bottom of the mirror. Factory direct sales even set aside the price difference of the middlemen, giving the highest cost performance.

Hollywood Vanity Mirror 


Priced at around $400, this mirror has 12 exposed LED bulbs and built-in speakers. Included Dual USB Outlets and Dual Power Outlets. There is a small LED screen that displays time, temperature and other detailed information. Stream your favorite music or podcasts to the mirror through your Bluetooth device to enjoy the wonderful sound and beautiful appearance. 

Integrity Lighted Mirror with Television 

If you dont mind spending somewhere around the $5,000 range, you can get a new mirror and a new television for one price. The Integrity Lighted Mirror with Television mirror features a television screen feature toward the bottom of the mirror, so you can watch your favorite shows, the news or whatever else you want while you get ready in the morning. The mirror features a lit band around the edges, to ensure you get the lighting you need for the best grooming experience. 

Magic Mirror

Weather report: see weather forecasts of your local weather
Local news: see news bulletins and headlines based on topics you’re interested in
Alexa: add voice commands and integrate Amazon’s Alexa into your smart mirror
Facial Recognition: customize your smart mirror based on who walks into the room
Calendar: view your calendar and see upcoming appointments
Lists: see your shopping list or your day’s To-do list
The Smart Mirror comes in at around $1,500, but thats a great deal for what you get.

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