2021 International Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, Monarch Sanitary Ware Demonstrates Its Hard Power
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2021 International Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition, Monarch Sanitary Ware Demonstrates Its Hard Power

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Update time : 2021-06-04 21:17:00
From May 26th to May 29th, China International Kitchen & Sanitary Show, which is known as the "wind vane" of kitchen and bathroom, was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, with a large number of big brands and visitors. In this exhibition, Monarch Sanitary Ware showed its powerful design and technology strength to the audience with its first-class design level and high-quality products, bringing infinite surprises to the guests and the industry.

This year, with the theme of "Excellence in Design, Enjoyment in Technology", Mornach Sanitary Ware showed its remarkable corporate strength, product power and service power, and presented the core concept of "design + technology, to create quality sanitary ware" in the exhibition, which attracted Many guests' attention, inside and outside the exhibition hall crowded.

The exhibition brought seven series of space products, including intelligent toilets, high-end custom series of suites, intelligent + series of IOT intelligent space, etc., the integration of humanistic design and cutting-edge technology, with time and again to touch and try, time and again to compare and experience, captured the love of a large number of visitors, leading to the shutter sound.

Monarch Sanitary Ware Smart+ series IOT wisdom space, through the wisdom of IOT and simple operation, to achieve the scene and the user depth of interaction, such as people near the light on, people leave the light off, close to the toilet automatically open the lid, automatic flushing after use, etc., so that users can personally experience the rich wisdom of life.

The Empire Smart Twin S1Pro and S2 toilets show the systematic use of science and technology with a sci-fi appearance and highly configurable functions, trying to create a precise temperature that fits contemporary intelligent life with technology, and truly serving intelligence in life.

In addition to the wisdom technology and the high-end customization series of Monarch sanitary ware is the core of user needs, from the space layout, product form, function matching, color aesthetics, lighting, material changes and other multi-dimensional, while meeting the user's DIY needs for products and space, greatly improving the user experience, highly praised.

In addition to the high value and high standard of the hard strength of the products, Monarch Sanitary Ware also brought its usual quality service to the exhibition. Whether it is the atmosphere of the exhibition hall or product explanation, it can further close the relationship with customers and make people feel like a spring breeze.

Towards the end of the event, Monarch Sanitary Ware can be said to be full of harvest, not only to show the audience a lot of innovative products and the strength of the listed national brand, but also to meet a number of like-minded new partners, Monarch Sanitary Ware's territory can be further expanded.

Next, Monarch Sanitary Ware will continue to increase its brand power, product power and service power.  So that the product can really solve the user's daily and even future problems will occur, so that good products to provide users with a good way of life.
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