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A New Benchmark Is Born! Monarch Sanitary Ware, Leading the Upgrade of "Intelligent Manufacturing" in Sanitary Ware

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Update time : 2021-08-18 15:05:54
On August 6, 2020, Chongqing Monarch Sanitary Ware intelligent sanitary ware production project was officially put into production, with automated production equipment and modern process, providing people with a healthier and more convenient intelligent lifestyle, opening a new chapter in the road of intelligent development of Monarch Sanitary Ware!

Adhering to the concept of "design + technology to create quality sanitary ware", Monarch Sanitary Ware focuses on intelligent manufacturing and product upgrading, investing in intelligent sanitary ware production projects in Chongqing, gathering and integrating high-quality resources, using advanced intelligent manufacturing technology, continuously increasing product development and innovation, creating high-quality, high-performance intelligent products, providing a guarantee for people's high-quality home life.

Chongqing Monarch Sanitary Ware intelligent production base, focusing on the research and development of ceramic and intelligent products manufacturing.
In terms of equipment, the most advanced production technology and automation equipment are introduced to create a new supply chain system with modern production, intelligent equipment and information management.
In terms of technology, the leading injection molding process, fully intelligent robot polishing and glazing, the first domestic tunnel three-dimensional drying method and other processes are adopted, and the whole process is managed by information systems.

With precise and standardized production, we provide the market with high-quality sanitary products and intelligent new products that integrate comfort and convenience, providing users with richer, wiser, and more personalized experiences, promoting the progress of the sanitary industry while also guiding consumers to upgrade the demand for product experience.

Create a model of intelligent manufacturing, the quality benchmark
In fact, the Monarch Sanitary Ware has always been the development of intelligent sanitary ware as a top priority. Follow the pace of consumer upgrading, from the user experience, with technology-driven product innovation, to provide users with a full space, multi-dimensional bathroom space overall solutions.

Based on this, Chongqing Monarch Sanitary Ware is not limited to the production of intelligent toilets and other healthy intelligent products that can effectively enhance the antibacterial ability of the home, but continue to study in depth to solve the user pain points of personalized customization program to meet the needs of consumers on the use of experience and comfort and health, to bring consumers a more healthy and comfortable bathroom experience.

The completion and commissioning of the first phase of intelligent sanitary ware production project have strengthened Monarch Sanitary Ware's confidence in its future development. With years of service experience in the sanitary industry and relying on advanced intelligent manufacturing, Monarch  Sanitary Ware will build an intelligent sanitary industry project model to promote the development of China's intelligent home industry and intelligent manufacturing upgrade!

Looking ahead, Monarch Sanitary Ware will continue to meet people's pursuit of a better life while adhering to the concept of "design + technology, to create quality sanitary ware", to become the most knowledgeable consumer sanitary experts, leading intelligent sanitary ware and national brands to a broader stage!

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