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Monarch Sanitary Ware witnessed the successful launch of Shenzhou XII

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Update time : 2021-06-04 15:12:00
Monarch Sanitary Ware has always been concerned with the development of China's aerospace industry. Sailing in the blue sea of intelligent manufacturing and constantly achieving technological innovation and breakthroughs is the common pursuit of both Monarch Sanitary Ware and China Aerospace. 

Therefore, Monarch Sanitary Ware has been adhering to the development concept of people-oriented, design + technology, to create quality sanitary ware, and has been focusing on the investment and research and development in the field of intelligent manufacturing for decades, to create quality sanitary ware for more people, and constantly refresh people's imagination of the future.

Based on the brand concept of "fine in design, enjoy in technology", the S1Pro intelligent toilet launched by Monarch Sanitary Ware can be called a product that can amaze the public, no matter from the appearance design with space elements and science fiction colors, or from the comprehensive intelligent function creation. As a product with access to HUAWEI HiLink intelligent home ecology, S1Pro truly realizes the interconnection and interaction among intelligent products in the bathroom in the era of pan-home, which can bring consumers a freer, more enjoyable and more open home life experience.
Its voice control system can easily wake up the full function with a word; automatic flip cover flip ring and foot flush, so that the liberation of hands is no longer an empty phrase; triple health device can realize environmental protection and germ removal to the maximum extent, truly using intelligence to reduce the burden of life, so that technology can really serve the public life, to enhance the quality of sanitary ware with intelligent manufacturing.

To help spaceflight and serve people's livelihood, the exploration will never end. In the future, Monarch Sanitary Ware will join hands with China Aerospace, continue to lead by the spirit of spaceflight, continue to accelerate the development of technology, improve product quality, enhance the vitality of the brand, so that the dream and the dream closely linked, in the Chinese space conquest of the sea of stars on the road, to open a new future of China's space industry and China's national brand!
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