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Traditional Ceramic Toilet Manufacturing Pain Points

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Update time : 2022-02-14 14:49:11
Traditional ceramic manufacturing is a labor-intensive industry with high energy consumption. From raw material production, mold making, edging and drying, glazing, drying and curing, to quality inspection and transportation, it requires a lot of manpower and consumes a lot of electricity and water.

As the hard conditions for production, water, electricity and natural gas account for more than 20% of the cost.

In addition, the human resource consumption is huge. The weight of the product transported by the transporters is nearly 50kg each time, and the labor intensity of the personnel is very high. In the production process of drying and semi-inspection, it is necessary to manually check whether there are any cracks in the ceramic body of the toilet. This work often requires staff to check with bright light bars in a dim environment, which requires great patience and care. Because if a ceramic pottery is found to have cracks, it can be turned back into raw materials and rebuilt, but if cracks are found after glazing is completed, there is no remedy. In factories in China, in order to ensure that the product leaves the factory The quality of the product will be smashed and scrapped, and the loss of product cost caused by the latter is also huge.
In the process of glazing, the average speed of glazing only by hand is 20 pieces per hour, and the glazing scene is much dust emission, which may affect the health without proper protection measures or working in the plant for a long time.

In fact, with the development of technology, many problems have been optimized.

In China Chongqing emperor factory, it is the first to introduce "PLC (programmable controller) + 5G industrial equipment", real-time display of the temperature and humidity of each machine, and attached to note whether the furnace temperature is normal and whether there is air leakage. Realize real-time data collection, analysis and judgment, and realize remote automatic control and regulation. "The air humidity and temperature measurement and control in the drying room no longer requires personnel to enter manual operation, which ensures product qualification rate and timely regulation of energy consumption."
The transport trolley, covered by a dedicated 5G network, can carry six toilets at a time, transport them along the established track and automatically identify empty parking spaces. They can realize collaborative operation and 24-hour non-stop work to further enhance production efficiency.

And glazing robots can achieve quality and efficiency improvement. It is understood that the robot glazing can reach 30 pieces an hour, while being able to control the strength, thickness and grasp the accuracy of parameters. It can also protect the health of workers.
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