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What should I pay attention to when I choose to buy a smart toilet?

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Author : Carol
Update time : 2022-03-11 17:31:30
In recent years, smart toilets have become very popular among young people, but many people are skeptical of this new thing. When it comes to smart toilets, they often hold the following views:
What's the condition at home? Just use an ordinary toilet, but also spend $2000 to buy a smart toilet? Really have spare money! Can it be flushed clean? Will there be dirt in the water? Like smart toilets, which obviously harvest IQ tax, are there still people using them?
As a loyal fan of smart toilets, I have to say from the bottom of my heart: Everyone's misunderstanding of smart toilets is too deep!
I dare to say that most of the people who say smart toilets have never used them at all.
Is the smart toilet easy to use or not? Today, I will take a few minutes to chat with you about smart toilets.

Is the smart toilet really an IQ tax?
After living in a new home for 2 years, I dare to tell you that buying a smart toilet is really not paying IQ tax. Every time I go to the toilet, the moment I just sit down, I regret it...
Regret not buying sooner. Because it is so comfortable.
The seat ring heating function makes me feel the spring-like warmth every time I sit down, and I will no longer be afraid of going to the toilet because of the frozen buttocks in winter.
Moreover, you no longer need to wipe your buttocks with paper after going to the toilet. One-click automatic flushing, automatic cleaning, and automatic drying can completely free your hands, and at the same time, you can also flush the anus super clean.
The smart toilet can bring such a comfortable experience, if you still think it is an IQ tax, then I can't help it. When most people are still prejudiced against smart toilets, Japan, Europe and other countries have already popularized such household appliances. The reason why they choose smart toilets is nothing more than a goal, that is, comfort!
What changes have smart toilets brought to our lives?
Free your hands + comfortable toilet
The most basic function of the smart toilet is to achieve automatic flushing, automatic cleaning and automatic drying, completely free our hands, the toilet without hands and without paper.
At the same time, most of the intelligent toilets on the market, are equipped with seat heating function, sit down how comfortable, I will not say more, give you a look at their own experience.
Women's periods, pregnancy do not worry
Women come to the days of menstruation, always more or less some discomfort, and with it, the mood is affected. Smart toilet comes with a female wash function, at this time just came in handy, the nozzle can spray a gentle stream of water to rinse buttocks, clean and hygienic, the nozzle position can be moved, the cleaning range is also very large, girls do not want to take a bath these days, do not have to worry about the intimate parts of the unhygienic. Pregnant women can also be assured that the use of comfortable and convenient.
A boon for constipated hemorrhoid patients
Working people are sedentary for a long time, poor eating habits, it is easy to suffer from constipation or hemorrhoids.
The massage wash function of the smart toilet is an absolute blessing for such patients.
The nozzle sprays a strong column of water, can reach the intestines through the anus, effectively promote defecation, long-term use, for hemorrhoids patients also have a good effect.
Think about it, every day after work to sit there massage for a while to cure the disease, not better than eating hemorrhoid medicine every day.
What should I pay attention to when I choose to buy a smart toilet?
Many friends buy intelligent toilet, only know superstitious brand, think buy back the international famous brand is once and for all. But according to my experience, just look at the brand to buy toilet water is too deep, want to buy the right smart toilet, or to recognize a few key points:
1. Must buy no water pressure restrictions + power outage flushing.
Old neighborhood high-rise households should pay particular attention to this point, otherwise buy the intelligent toilet with requirements for water pressure is likely to block the toilet every day. In addition, in order to power outages can also be normal use of the toilet, be sure to choose with the power outage flushing function.
2. Must buy siphon + wet wall function.
Compared to the direct flush, siphon toilet odor control effect is good, flushing sound is small, wet wall function can effectively prevent hanging dirt, flushing effect is better.
3. Be sure to buy instant hot type.
The use of instant hot living water to flush PP, do not worry about the water source is not sanitary.
4. Be sure to buy nozzle self-cleaning + seat antibacterial.
Seat and body in close contact, so be sure to choose antibacterial, to avoid cross-infection, nozzle water is used to directly flush the body, so the nozzle should also choose with the self-cleaning function. Especially now during the epidemic, pay more attention to this aspect of the problem.
5. Be sure to buy men's urine automatic flushing + kick flip cover.
These two functions are also very friendly to men.
6. Be sure to buy waterproof grade in IPX4 or above.
Bathroom electrical safety to pay attention to, be sure to buy the waterproof level up to the standard of the intelligent toilet, otherwise the use of uneasy.
7. Be sure to buy with external filtration function.
Only the built-in filter intelligent toilet, can not filter the microorganisms and bacteria in the water, water hygiene can not be guaranteed, so be sure to buy with an external filter.
8. Be sure to measure the pit distance before purchase.
If the rough room, remember to first tile and then measure the distance between the pit, otherwise it may not be measured due to the impact of the installation of the intelligent toilet.

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