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Commercial Solution

Commercial Solutions
Monarch Sanitary Ware is committed to providing every customer with quality products and services.
International Engineering

Monarch is able to meet the needs of different customers while deeply combining the advantages of Monarch's products, design, technology and manufacturing to select products that meet local usage habits and to develop various new technologies and space solutions in a targeted manner according to different regions, standards and working conditions.
Tournament Stadiums

According to the design and use needs of different venues, Monarch is more flexible in the configuration of products, taking the overall functionality of the bathroom and the cost of post-management and maintenance as considerations. Generally, high-temperature glazed squatting toilets will be used, which are still as bright as new for a long time, with waterless seal floor drains to keep the bathroom dry and odor-free at all times.High-end Hotels

For the high-end hotels that pay more attention to details and quality, Monarch will choose products and space solutions with classic and elegant shapes and complete functions, with automatic intelligent products, etc., so that travelers can get the most enjoyable and perfect moments in this journey.
Business Center

Monarch has customized different space solutions for different positioning of commercial centers. As a modern fashionable consumption gathering place, in accordance with the allocation power and realization power of resources, the high-end commercial centers, in accordance with the allocation power and realization power of resources, Monarch will focus on polishing the design sense of products and highlighting the brand connotation while ensuring the quality of products; in the middle and low-end commercial centers, stable performance, convenient use, clean and tidy are the main focus.

For airport bathroom configuration, Monarch basically takes medium and high-grade products as the first choice, with intelligent induction products to facilitate use, reduce contact, ensure health and safety while strengthening the user's experience, so that passengers can feel the professionalism, humanization and intelligence of airport bathroom cleaning, and get high-quality use enjoyment at all times.

Campus construction focuses on safety, and the frequency of bathroom use is relatively concentrated, therefore, in the school solution, Monarch focuses on the selection of safe, convenient and durable products, such as strong, durable and easy to maintain. Conventional foot pedal flush, infrared sensor faucet, etc., so as to create a clean, neat, ventilation. odor-free
toilet environment.

For stations, subways and other types of traffic hubs with a large flow of passengers, the Monarch follows the principle of people-oriented, mainly choose to match the odor and splash-proof, anti-corrosion, easy to clean and easy to maintain, stable performance of sanitary ware, such as equipped with accurate sense.
Residential Areas

Monarch conducts in-depth research on project positioning, customer types, and household structure for the refined residences, with precise. We use accurate user data analysis to understand the differentiated needs of different owners, from safety, health and environmental protection, storage, aesthetics. From the different needs of safety, health, environmental protection, storage, aesthetics, etc., matching the complete product system of Monarch, bathroom series products, bathroom cabinets (including kitchen. We have a series of woodworking products, such as kitchen cabinets, closets and entrance cabinets, to customize a variety of space solutions.
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