Monarch showroom

Monarch Sanitary Ware

Monarch Showroom
New Showroom-Monarch Sanitary Ware
The simple and de-styled facade with transparent floor-to-ceiling glass, combined with the logo and brand badge of Monarch Sanitary Ware, establishes a new terminal first visual element, which looks full of sense of style from afar.

The simple vestibule and public area, with the atmospheric and calm senior gray, calm and elegant blue as the main color, set the tone of the whole space, at the same time, the perfect combination of design and technology, function and form, to create a humanized, quality and high aesthetic space, free and relaxing.

Experience area with the installation of large visual, advanced and sophisticated interactive design, a modular combination of props form, show the emperor production "intelligent, rain shower" and other technical advantages, but also highlights the tension and tolerance of the brand.

Fashionable and trendy, warm and elegant style with the composition of personality full of scenes, complemented by rich and appropriate soft furnishings, present a set of color, tone and personality of the 'emperor style' scenario space, for consumers to achieve the aesthetic style of the home other than bathroom cabinets.

Many products in order to lay out the style of each claim, in the middle, like walking through a very different style of "trend show", the visual senses to meet the ultimate.
The use of materials and colors in the space is a tacit agreement of mutual achievement, which also builds a functional "central square".

In this trend of consumer upgrade due to aesthetic upgrade, home furnishing stores are becoming more and more 'high light showgrounds' for the public to draw aesthetic demands and providers of home design solutions.

The bright and light color of the shower room, together with the simple greenery landscape, depicts the quiet and natural painting of the interior, and the space is bright, airy and calm.

From top to bottom, from the inside out, Monarch Sanitary Ware upholds the concept of "people-oriented, design + technology, to create quality sanitary ware", fully drawing on the concept of international luxury brands' furnishings
And combined with King's own culture, elements and ideas, to create a set of new terminal image with value, interaction and scenarios. It also brings a feast for the senses with unlimited possibilities.
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