Monarch New Vintage Bathroom Suite,Bathroom Suite

Monarch New Vintage Bathroom Suite

Item No.: CB037-1000-QC

 Monarch CB037-1000-QC Bathroom Suite Re-demonstrates, Design Quality Of Life

This bathroom suite re-demonstrates the classic, sharing the new school retro, with a very layered geometric elements, creating a neat and clear sense of order. The suite is paired with a good bathtub with both inner and looking and the smart toilet that can bring a new experience of intelligent living

Monarch CB037-1000-QC Bathroom Suite Bathroom Cabinet

• Slow bright intelligent thin mirror, thin, lightweight and stylish
• Beveled edge polishing treatment, as smooth and delicate as skin
• Thin and wide antibacterial rock slab countertop, place things as you like
• Open and closed shelves with, orderly and neatly put away a degree
• Towel rack design under the mirror cabinet, you can hang towels at hand
• Scientific partition in the drawer, flexible storage

Main cabinet size:1100*520*835
Material: aluminum alloy     
Table Material: rock board    

Monarch CB037-1000-QC Bathroom Suite S-E2162 1700 Noah bathtub


 Seamlessly docked in one big space, leaving no sanitary dead ends
 Ergonomic design, lying down are comfortable
 Spacious space for you to stretch your body at will
 Heat insulation and heat preservation, enjoy the bathing time
 Acrylic environmental protection material, delicate touch, warm and skin-friendly

• Size: 1700*800*600mm
• Material: acrylic
• Color: white    

Monarch CB037-1000-QC Bathroom Suite Intelligent Toilet


• Using innovative deodorization technology to eliminate toilet odor
• Live water that is hot, instantaneous heating with the use of bacteria, isolated breeding
Built-in inductive foot sensing water device, more convenient to use
• Seat heating, multiple water washing, warm air drying, flushing away from the seat, think about intelligent life
Humanized detail design, practical and thoughtful

Size: 691*410*474 mm
Flushing capacity: 5L    
Pit distance: 305/400mm
Water pressure requirements: 0.15-0.6Mpa    
Flushing mode: storm vortex    
Water efficiency level: 2 levels

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