Wall Hung Toilet

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Wall Hung Toilet
►The function of laxative physical therapy: 
The intelligent spray rod is provided with a special powerful laxative water outlet hole, which is different from the water column after cleaning, and the water pressure is slightly larger, with better laxative physiotherapy function.to some extent, it can relieve constipation and hemorrhoids
►Super pressurization system(some new products):
This super pressure system only uses the technology of the sink tank, because the mechanical flushing valve is used to combine the water inlet valve and the drainage valve into one, which can be used in low water consumption situations. The flushing effect is better.
Double waterway design with three outlets:
(1) Porcelain moisturizing function. when the human body is seated in the toilet , the washing water will flow out to achieve the moisturizing effect, which prevents the excrement from adhering and being convenient to clean, and at the same time , the spray nozzle is started in advance for self-cleaning;
(2) Double waterway flushing: "Dual Drain Valve" strong rotation flushing system, which separates scrubbing water and spray water, two water outlets, flushing and suction double engines, strong water flow drainage diversion flushing brings super strong flushing kinetic energy .
High pressure grouting technology (ceramic embryo body):
The industry is the first to adopt high-pressure grouting technology, the density of the embryo body is high, and the highest water absorption rate is only 0.3%, which is far higher than the national standard of 0.5%. The water absorption rate of 0.3% enables our ceramic bodies to reach the true porcelain level. which makes Monarch toilets not stink for life.
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