Fully Automatic Cleaning Wall mounted Toilet

Fully Automatic Cleaning Wall mounted Toilet

Item No.: TC303
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Fully Automatic Cleaning Wall mounted Toilet

Item No.
: TC303

Voltage: 110V/220V
Additional features: Remote control, drying, instant heat type, buttocks washing, nozzle self-cleaning, automatic deodorization, nozzle moving cleaning, adjusting water pressure, heating water temperature, adjusting warm air
Flushing: Wash down
Flush button: Side press one-step
Press limit: Hidden water tank
Flush: 4.8L
Structure type: One-piece
Drainage method: P-trap
Size: 580*380*450mm
Weight: 45kg
Rated power: 1350W
Load-bearing range: 400KG
* Perfect solution to flushing pressure problem
Hidden water tank, no water pressure limit.
* Automatic Induction
Automatic flip when people approach. Automatic close and flush when people leave.
* Silence for flushing
Hidden water tank, reduce noisy, more quiet when water flowing.
* Super support and stable
Coexisting strengthened support,strengthened treatment, support can reachthe bearing capacity of 400 kg.
* Instant heating
Fresh water, instant heating, constant temperature, avoid sometimes hot and sometimes cold.
* Different modes of cleaning
Hip cleaning. Female cleaning. Mobile cleaning. Self-cleaning.
* One-button knob, simple control and easy toileting
Upgraded one-button knob design, easy to operate multiple common functions, convenient for the elderly and children to use the toilet.

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